What am I doing now?

The rock climbing season has been over for a while now and I have been focusing my weekends on ice climbing and skiing. I skiied for the first time New Years weekend and have really been enjoying it and want to get better. I started falling a lot, but am now far more comfortable. I am also gearing up for rock season and plan to start a training cycle soon to prepare for a trip to Red Rocks, NV in April.

As for my personal projects, I got a lot of work done on Flicker Lights and Rusty Nail and moved my website to GitHub Pages hosting. I have been enjoying Rust and am working with the Boston Embedded Systems meetup to introduce more people to Rust on Embedded Systems.

My priorities are:

  • Working as an Embedded Systems Engineer at Barrett Technology, focusing on communications inside of our robot burt.
  • Thinking about how to share my personal projects most effectively (influenced by Share Your Work and Derek Sivers).
  • Finishing an LED project for a tap dance my significant other is working on, caled flicker-lights. I hope to write up some more when the time allows.
  • Working on rusty-nail which is a barbot powered by Rust.
  • Helping establish the Boston Embedded Systems Meetup with Isaac Gutekunst! Join us!
  • Learning how to ski!
  • Thinking about how to use my skillset to preserve human rights in our new reality and build a better future for all. This admittedly has been causing some anxiety.

Quotes On My Mind

Don’t show your lunch or your latte show your work.

Austin Kleon


Any one who isn’t embarrassed of who they were last year probably isn’t learning enough.

Alain de Botton

Updated: Feb, 2017