Gear Review: Anker Ice Screw Holder

Chris Woodall | 2018-02-20

I just got myself the Anker Equipment screw holder for my brand new rack of ice screws. This thing was $45.00 and holds 12 screws. It even has a little pouch in the middle which can fit a 10cm screw, or file depending on what you want to use it for. Generally speaking I found it to be rather compact compared to the BD offering. It fits 12 screws nicely and folds up to a rather compact size.

The material is rather thin, which is a real benefit in terms of size. However, this makes it a bit floppy which makes dealing with it in the field with gloves on a bit hard, especially since it carries 12 screws. I found I generally need a place to put it down to work with. Since this only occurs while racking, and packing up it is not much of a downside to me.

I like the closure mechanism a lot more, compared to the BD mechanism. It is reliable and easier to operate, however does not cinch down nearly as tightly as easily, which can cause some problems if you are not careful.

While the material is thin, it seems pretty durable. I also noticed there are 2 rather burly loops on it, I think you can use these to hang or secure the screw holder relatively easy. I have yet to use them, but will look for an excuse to.

All in all, it is a screw holder, nothing crazy. However, I liked the idea of being able to carry all of my screws in one rather than 2 containers, which was my main motivation for purchasing this particular holder. If you are interested in getting one I recommend reaching out to Conrad Anker, one of his assistants will hook you up with one.