31 Climbs

Chris Woodall | 2023-04-01

This year I turned 31, which is not an auspicious year; other than it being the last year that you can represent on one hand counting in binary (2^5-1). So I went down to MetroRock in Essex, VT and spent about 5 hours in the gym getting my 31 climbs together with support from friends and loved ones. To plan I started by listing out some rules:

I then thought through some strategy

As I went through the climbs I ended up doing about 4-8 climbs in a single push. In between these pushes I would take a longer rest. During these rests I would stretch, drink water, eat food, belay my climbing partners and go on walks. This left a nice casual feel to the day. However, over the last few climbs I started to get more and more tired. I would sweat profusely when I got to the ground after climbing 5.8, and I started to have a dull ache in my forearms.

Overall, I averaged a grade of about 5.8-/5.7+. I did manage to pull off one 5.10a or higher every 5 climbs, and I finished all 31 climbs. This was a great challenge, and I would love to do it again. Overall, it was easier than I thought; mostly just focus, commitment and community were all I needed.

For the nerds here are some stats.

Thanks all who came out to celebrate my birthday and support me.