Simplified X86 Assembler and Emulator

Chris Woodall | 2013-12-01

While at BU I had an assignment for a class called EC327 which used a 16-bit RISC processor that the professors called “simplified x86”, also referred to as sx86. This was a very basic assembler, and the tool at the time was written in java, but had some issues with copying code in and out of the program requiring that you hand copy the code. To make my debugging easier I implemented an emulator in Javascript (it should be a valid node.js program), and then a front end to view the data. I had also written a python script to assemble and dissassemble these instructions and later integrated a TA for the classes code with mine to create a CGI based set of calls to assemble and dissassemble the code. I learned a whole lot more from this project than I would have otherwise, just converting some machine code by hand and chugging along. This website was used by EC327 for one or two years after the fact (and may still be today, I have no idea).