The Weather Makers by Tim Flannery

Chris Woodall | 2017-10-10

The Weather Makers by Tim Flannery is a frightening and enlightening book about global warming. Though it is about 10 years old at this point it had a few major points:

  1. The evidence for human linked global warming is very strong (and has only become stronger)
  2. The reduction in biodiversity is intense, and probably irreversible; we have changed climates and biomes and there is probably no going back.
  3. There is no silver bullet, we need all nations to collaborate and the issues are largely policy issues. However, individual contributions are larger than I thought and in aggregate can improve the situation dramatically. These issues can be made easier with appropriate application of technology (electric cars, solar panels, etc.)
  4. A benefit of a green energy economy is that it can wrestle the production of power from corporations to communities, through town owned infrastructure (wind), and personal ownership (solar).
  5. Coal is the enemy, other forms of carbon emissions are more efficient and thus slightly less problematic.
  6. There is some hope…

I need to continue studying these issues, I think it can make a major impact on my habits and push me to try to get more involved.