Using the Sovol Pen Plotter draw a path generated by G02_SpaceColonization_NodeSizeBasedOnChildCount or G01_SpaceColonization.



Start by generating the SVG paths. I realize I want direct paths rather than objects or shapes

Imported SVG into inkscape running the Sovol-SO1 plugin (running in a Windows VM).

!Pasted image 20210823214031.png

Setup settings

!Pasted image 20210823214059.png

As generated !Pasted image 20210823214121.png. This is as a very precise contour path which has a lot of points in it and is not well deduplicated, or streamlined. This generates the following G-Code:


Can then load this into the SD Card. This initial plot causes constant penup and pendown movements

Future Work

Have not yet found the issues. To go further I will probably want to use inkscape to print out some basic shapes. Then generate some more basic curves. Then figure out how to get those basic curves to link up properly. Right now my issues is that all of the line segments are disjoint