Chris Woodall's Generative Art Studio

Generative Art (and Creative Coding) is a broad term for any computer generated form of art, this could be audio, random, algorithmic, or even mixed media between an algorithm and human input. There are many techniques here and tools. One of the early ones was Processing, which also influenced Arduino (on the embedded side). I was introduced to the concept through an interview with Tyler Hobbs (about his NFTs Fidenza) which uses a Flow Fields

The Studio

Studio Setup


As an overview there are a ton of programming tools, but the main ones I am interested in are:




Inspiration for Generative Art


Tyler Hobbs

This video on GitHub Sattelite is also very nice:

also a reasonable amount of video and music based generative art I would love to get into. Specifically the stuff by Dan Gorelick

Pieces and Series


Flow Fields


Color Studies

Generative Algorithms

Pen PLotter

Next actions

  • Attribute management + how to make attributes which have joint probabilities
  • Probabilistic Palette which controls the distribution of a color in an image
  • Composition improvements (Dense spots around which starting points tend to congregate?)
  • Screenshots / Saves should get the name of the piece + seed + date + options (or sizes)

Completed actions

Idea holding area

  • Smoke
  • Mandalas and generative universes / solar systems
  • Spirographs in 3d
  • Full terrain generation
  • Mountains with simple flow fields inside of them
  • techniques/Differential Line Growth
  • More dot drawings with more complex flow fields (with more form?)
  • Line/box based flow fields similar to Fidenza with collision detection
  • Flow Fields with concentrations around the picture and rings around them (kind of 3d looking rings with flat flow fields inside of then
  • Line drawing for use with the Sovol Pen Plotter
  • Topographic maps + pen plotted


Cheat Sheets