Using OpenRNDR

Working Log

starting with simple random circles then drawing arcs of various lengths with probabilistic times where the arc ends

  • Added arcs
  • Need to make trees
  • Need to make it so the circles radius can go in either direction
  • Added basic collision detection, but it needs improvement
  • Arcs go on both ways now
  • Generally rather satisfying to watch, but the end results are questionable
  • Take video for this one.


  • Create a random circle of some radius within the picture frame (preserving some margin)
  • Choose a random point on that circle
  • Start to step the arc forward, with each step
    • Roll for branching into a new connected circle

      • If branching into a new circle, choose a random radius less than the present radius. Then choose if the radius will be inside or outside the previous circle and if it will step clockwise or counter clockwise.
    • Check for collisions or end of tree conditions (roll for it, or cirlce is smaller than some radius)

      • Start a new tree


Started drawing random circles and curves

No limits, collision detection, etc

Run for a while

Collision detection