A framework for Creative Coding based on Processing and Clojure, used by Tyler Hobbs. Use the lein script (which is included in this repository in scripts/lein which is added to the dev environment using direnv). One benefit is the fact that this uses Processing under the hood or P5.js for the web, which makes it easier to create interactive elements.


New Project

lein new quil hello-quil


lein repl

Then from the REPL

(use 'my-art.core :reload-all)

Use Lein

  • add this to your project.clj (“name of your project + core”): :main "hello-quil.core"
  • add this to your "projectname/src/core.clj":
    • (defn -main [& args])

and then you can run lein run !

Quil with Clojurescript support

Supports closurescript which will generate a Javascript webpage which will use p5.js

lein new quil hello-quil


Tags: #tools