Circles And Triangles is part of the Random Series. The goal was to get acquainted with drawing contours in OpenRNDR. These pieces have a limited pallete of a background color (black) and a foreground color (white)


  1. Randomly decided on the number of circles, arcs on those circles, and triangles which will be drawn inscribed into those circles.
  2. Generate N circles with different center points and radii
  3. For each iteration of the algorithm:
    1. Until all of the triangles are used up
      1. Choose 2 random points on the circle
      2. Choose a 3rd point at the center of the circle, outside the circle, or inside the circle whose angle within that circle lies between the previous 2 points
      3. Draw a triangle, with some chance of creating an arc between the first 2 points at the radius of the circle.
    2. Until all arcs are used up
      1. Create an arc between two random points on the circle with
        1. A chance at slightly altered bezier curves
        2. A chance at a different radius (Gaussian distribution)
  4. Draw it and take a screenshot


Started out with just flat 1 px lines

Starting to play with circle size

Arcs and Weight

Multiple Circles

Future Work

I will probably leave this one here for now, but I am interested in:

  • being able to autogenerate from the commandline from various seeds
  • Adding more color to the drawings, even if it is just random different 2 done palletes

I will return to this concept for sure