An Architecture For Pumping Drinks

Starting off the day with some learning about Rust!

I started off the day off by watching the into_rust() video lectures and exercises! These really helped me improve my understanding of Rust's Ownership model. My understanding was still stuck in C/C++!


Let's start-off by making a little bit of an architecture! The following picture was taken from a quick sketch I did, but I believe it has the core pieces. This architecture only goes up to the web api. The front-end website will be dealt with later.


Some terms that are in the diagram:

  • dispenser: Is an abstraction of the pump. it maintains state of how much liquid is in it, how to pump it at a given rate, and how to pump a given quantity.
  • recipe: A recipe is a listing of all of the liquids which need to be mixed (by name) and how much of each of them to make a givent quantity (in mL). Recipes also include information about user interactions, such as, if the drink should be mixed or stirred, or if ice should be added. Recipes have names and cam be looked up.
  • mixer: A mixer contains a list of named dispensers. The dispensers get there name from a configuration file, or from the api, the mixer also sends down information about the liquid levels. A mixer creates a drink by taking a recipe and quantity as input. System status information is relayed through the mixer to the LEDs

The goal is to create a service which will provide an HTTP API using one of Rust's web micro-frameworks ( Iron, pencil, rocket, etc.). After that is tested I will begin work on a basic frontend.